The abyss appears to represent a deep psychological or inner state for witches in the three realms. Jaenelle's abyss was marked by various depths, each representing a deep and specific reserve of her power. Jaenelle's abyss is, by default, the deepest of all the Blood's, since she is also the most powerful. For example, in Queen of the Darkness, she enters the abyss of Daemon Sadi to repair him to his full state of sanity. This, after Daemon's chalice (mind) cracked, while he attempted to pull her from her own abyss in Heir to the Shadows, which subsequently led him to the Twisted Kingdom (insanity). Jaenelle's abyss was simply too deep for Daemon, and it was explained that if he had gone deeper into it, his chalice would've shattered completely. Jaenelle's abyss can be understood as a bottomless pit.