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Anne Bishop is the author and creator of the Black Jewels Trilogy and all of the other novels set in the Realms of the Blood. According to her online biography she lives in upstate New York and enjoys "gardening, music and writing dark, romantic stories". Her hobbies also include playing folk music on the hammered dulcimer. She's the author of several novels and short stories. She won the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for the Black Jewels Trilogy.


The Realms of the Blood[]

Black Jewels Trilogy[]

Individual books[]

The World of the Fae; The Tir Alainn Trilogy[]

  • The Pillars of the World [Roc, October 2001]
  • Shadows and Light [Roc, October 2002]
  • The House of Gaian [Roc, October 2003]

The Landscapes of Ephemera[]

  • Sebastian [Roc, February 2006]
  • Belladonna [Roc, March 2007]

Other books[]

  • Co-author in Summer in Mossy Creek [BelleBooks, June 2003]

Short stories[]

  • "The Price" in Powers of Detection:Tales of Mystery & Fantasy [Ace Books, October 2004]
  • "The Fairest One of All" in Lighthouse Magazine, Issue 2 [October 2004]
  • "A Strand in the Web" in Orbiter [Fitzhenry & Whitesides, November 2002]
  • "By the Time the Witchblood Blooms" in Treachery and Treason [Roc, March 2000]
  • "The Wild Heart" in Silver Birch, Blood Moon [Avon, March 1999]
  • "Tunnel" in Horrors! 365 Scary Stories [Barnes & Noble, September 1999]
  • "Rapunzel" in Black Swan, White Raven [Avon, October 1998]
  • "Match Girl" in Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears [Avon, December 1995]

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