The Black Jewels Wiki

The Blood are a Caste of people that span over many different races and allow members to utilizeCraft through the possession of a Jewel - though this is not always the case as some members of the Blood are known not to possess a jewel as their power is not great enough to require one. Those who are not Blood and do not have the ability to utilize Craft are commonly called Landen.

The world of the Black Jewels Series is run on a highly Matriarchal system in which a Queen is the heart and center of her people while the males find it both a privilege and duty to serve her. Members of the Blood live by a certain set of rules and guidelines known as Protocol. Protocol is extremely important to the Blood as it is a way to check the integral nature of the different Castes in an orderly functioning society.

Each member of the Blood is born into one or several of many Castes.


  • Warlord : A Jeweled male equal in status to a witch
  • Prince : A Jeweled male equal in status to a Priestess or a Healer
  • Warlord Prince : A dangerous, extremely aggressive Jeweled male; in status, slightly lower than a Queen


  • Witch : A Blood female who wears Jewels but isn't one of the other hierarchical levels
  • Healer : A witch who heals physical wounds and illnesses; equal in status to a Priestess and a Prince
  • Priestess : A witch who cares for Altars, Sanctuaries, and Dark Altars; witnesses hand-fasts and marriages; performs offerings; equal in status to a Healer and a Prince
  • Black Widow : A witch who heals the mind; weaves the tangled webs of dreams and visions; is trained in illusions and poisons.
  • Queen : A witch who rules the Blood; is considered to be the land's heart and the Blood's moral center.