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  • 25 AW
Physical description

Human (Guardian)



Hair color

Dusty red

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Birthright Jewel





Cassandra was a Black-Jeweled Black Widow Queen, a Guardian and the former Queen of Ebon Askavi. She was widely considered to be the last Witch to walk the Realms before Jaenelle Angelline, however, whilst she was the Black Jeweled Queen of Ebon Askavi she was not in fact Witch. At the conclusion of her reign as Queen, she fortold the coming of Witch and incited her Consort, Saetan SaDiablo, to become a Guardian. Whilst it appeared that she had died, Cassandra faked her death, also becoming a Guardian in the hopes of guiding the next Witch.

Cassandra resided in Terreille and took care of Cassandra's Altar, one of the thirteen Gates that connected the three realms. When it became apparent that Witch walked the Realms once more, Saetan got to know that she was still alive and paid her a visit. The two of them remained friends, however their relationship was kind of cold.

When Jaenelle was raped by Greer in Briarwood she was brought to Cassandra's Altar by Surreal. Cassandra was the one who took injured Jaenelle to safety to Kaeleer.

When it was time for Jaenelle to purge the Realms from corrupt Blood Cassandra volunteered with other demon-dead to hold the web that separated the uncorrupt Blood from the spoiled ones, thus becoming a whisper in the Darkness.

Powers and Abilities[]

Cassandra, as a vessel of the Black, was among the strongest witches to walk the Realms. Not only did she wear the rarest and darkest Jewel, she was both a Black Widow and Queen, and highly trained in the arts of both castes. Cassandra was considered inferior amongst the other known wearers of the Black, however, with both Saetan SaDiablo and Daemon Sadi being noted as possessing Black Jewels with a deeper reservoir of power than Cassandra.