The Black Jewels Wiki

Blood society is stratified into several different castes. Along with social rank and Jewel strength, caste is part of the triangle that governs the social hierarchy of the blood.

Caste hierarchy[]

Caste is not a strict linear hierarchy, especially when it comes to Blood females.


Landen is the term for the non-Blood of every race.


"Blood female" and "Blood male" are terms used both to refer to Blood of any caste, as well as any member of the Blood who does not wear a Jewel.

Female-specific castes[]

  • witch: both a general term for any Jeweled female and also specifically refers to Jeweled females who don't belong to any of the other castes.
  • Healer: a witch who specializes in healing physical wounds and illnesses. Equal in rank to a Priestess and a Prince.
  • Priestess: a witch who cares for altars, Sanctuaries and Dark Altars, witnesses handfasts and marriages, and performs offerings. Equal in rank to a Healer and a Prince.
  • Black Widow: a witch who heals the mind, weaves the tangled webs of dreams and visions, and is trained in illusions and poisons. Equal in status to a Warlord Prince.
  • Queen: a witch who rules the Blood. Queens are considered to be the land's heart and moral center, as such she is the focal point of Blood society.

Male-specific castes[]

  • Warlord: a Jeweled male equal in status to a witch.
  • Prince: a Jeweled male equal in status to a Priestess or Healer.
  • Warlord Prince: a dangerous, extremely aggressive Jeweled male; slightly lower in status than a Queen.