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The SaDiablo family is made up of descendants of Saetan SaDiablo. Jaenelle Angelline and Surreal SaDiablo were adopted into the family. Dorothea SaDiablo and Kartane SaDiablo share the family name through Dorothea's husband, but neither are related by blood. Hekatah SaDiablo was a part of the family while she was married to Saetan, though they divorced when she became pregnant with Ravenar Yaslana.

Saetan SaDiablo was the patriarch of the SaDiablo family for over fifty-five thousand years. One of his acts as the head of the family was to build the Hall- a place that was known to be the center of the SaDiablo family's power. Sylvia later discovers in "Twilight's Dawn" that the Hall actually exists in all three realms and can be reached by gates.

The family expanded and shrank at the will of Saetan SaDiablo and on occasion his son Daemon Sadi , incorporating members when it became clear that a person was family in all but name. The family often took others in under their wing and were widely known to fully care for those they deemed friends and allies. As both the most aristo and most wealthy family in the three realms the SaDiablo's range of influence remains unmatched. The name itself is often used to imply power and even instill fear when used as a threat. Surreal SaDiablo was known to have used the name to her advantage as an assassin but often remarked that when Saetan actually addopted her into the family she had been unprepared for the amount of "snarly"Warlord Princes that would now be her cousins.


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