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An island in Hell dedicated to children who have become Demon-Dead.

Creation of the Island[]


Char, whose real name is unknown, was maimed around the age of twelve or thirteen having been tied to a stake and burned. His will to survive was strong enough for him to become demon-dead and he stumbled through a Gate into the Realm of Hell where he created a safe haven just for maimed children to come and live as demon-dead in peace.


Only children are allowed to reside on the island, the presence of adults is unwelcome and unneeded, and any adult is met with violence up stepping on the children's territory.

Daughter of the Blood[]

When Jaenelle Angelline was eight years old she found the Cildru Dyathe's Island by creating herself a craft bridge between the Realms of Terreille and Hell, which was later used in the helping the demon-dead girls of Briarwood to cross over to Hell where they would be safe from further desecration of their bodies and minds.

Char was the first person to introduce Jaenelle Angelline to Saetan SaDiablo .