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Consort is one of the high ranking positions in a court and is considered as one side of the Queen's triangle, the other two sides being Steward and the Master of the Guard


Consort is concidered the Queen's lover and thus one of the closest people to the Queen in her court. Consort may not be appointed immediately when the court is set up if the Queen doesn't have a lover or is not for some reason willing to have one. If there is no Consort, then the First Escort takes care of the position's duties.


Consort acts as an escort to his Queen in official meetings and gatherings. He also may pose as an Ambassador in the Queen's behalf. Consort also accompanies the Queen to the bed and takes care of her sexual needs. Consort is not, by definition, the Queen's husband.

Dark Court[]

When Jaenelle Angelline set up the Dark Court, the Consort's Ring was not handed out to anyone. It was kept safe for Daemon Sadi until he came to Kaeleer and had come back from Twisted Kingdom.