The Black Jewels Wiki

Craft is the main ability that sets members of the Blood away from Landens. The types of Craft are hinted at in the books, but the complexity, depth, situations and more where it can be applied to are left to the observer or in this case, reader to contemplate or in a fanfiction writer's case create and develop Anne Bishop's world.

Craft has several basic abilities which include simple telekinesis- the ability to move something around with ones thoughts, and telepathy. The skill with which craft can be accomplished depends on the darkness of ones jewels.

In addition to Telekinesis and telepathy Craft can also offer the user the ability to "vanish" items, which is to literally make an item disappear from sight in order to store it in another place reachable only by the person who vanished the item in the first place. But, if a person has "vanished" objects and has not retrieved it and the Blood has died it is unknown if the object is destroyed alongside the Blood's death or it simply remains until somebody finds it, one of the same Blood family.

Craft can also be used to work spells such as soothing and calming spells, heating spells, illusions, witchfire, and even spells that can cause death. There are also spells for strengthening, used by Cassandra to make her nails as strong and sharp as daggers. Preservation spells used on paintings and food.

The three female castes also have specialized spells. Healers can break and set bones, heal wounds and depending on their Jewel darkness, bring someone back from the brink of death. Black Widows can foresee the future, and view the true intentions of people, and view memories absorbed by wood and stone. Queens can use Craft to influence the land, and restore it when it has been tainted. Priestesses can lead important rites such as marriage, the Birthright Ceremony, and the Offering to the Darkness. They are also the most adept at using Dark Altars to travel between realms.

Jaenelle Angelline while widely known for her deep reservoir of power and ability to master difficult spells and illusions with ease was equally known for her inability to perform basic Craft. Something as simple as boiling an egg would quickly go awry and end up in a demolished kitchen while on the other hand she could create the illusion for thousands of people that the sun did not rise for three days.