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The Darkness within the Realms of the Blood series is referenced as a religion and way of life throughout the three Realms.


Despite names like Saetan SaDiablo, Daemon, and Lucivar, the use of Darkness as the centerpiece of Blood Society is not meant to represent evil, terror, or anything bad. Instead it is used in the same honored way most modern religions view light. The Blood realms acknowledge the use of Light, but are more prominant is their acknowledgement of The Darkness. It is believed that from the Darkness everything was born and too the Darkness everything will eventually fade when the time comes.

The Dark Altar[]

The Dark Alters are places of worship that are tended by Priestesses, High Priestesses and Guardians including Cassandra and Saetan SaDiablo himself. The Dark Altar is used when children make their Offering to the Darkness in the hopes of descending in Jeweled power.


When a member of the Blood dies it is possible for the power of their Jewels to keep alive their mind and soul even while their body no longer lives. Such people are known as demon-dead. It is said that when the final kill is made or the demon-dead choose to finally rest that they will become a "Whisper in the Darkness."

Witch is also known as "The Song in The Darkness".


Terreille - also known as the Realm of Light is the furthest Realm from Hell and The Darkness. Though it is known as the Realm of Light, The Darkness is still the primary centerpiece of Religion.

Kaeleer - known as the Shadow Realm that sits between Terreille and Hell.

Hell - or the Dark Realm is the closest Realm to the Darkness. It is the place where the demon-dead reside and the living are unwelcome.

Refferences to The Darkness[]

The most often reference to The Darkness is through one of three oaths or a combination of the three.

"Hell's Fire, Mother Night, and may The Darkness be merciful."