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Dea al Mon is a Territory that exists in Kaeleer. The Dea al Mon people are known as the Children of the Woods. They can best be likened to elves. They have delicately pointy ears (as Surreal's ears are described) and are known as skilled marksmen and women. They are also said to be "born to knowing how to wield a knife" and thus it is implied that they are good in melee fighting. This is proved when Chaosti won against an Eyrien Warrior Falonar in an even fight.

The Dea Al Mon are a short-lived race, one hundred to two hundred years. They have forest-blue eyes and pale silver hair, and usually slim and willowy in build, but are much stronger than they look. They are extremely secretive and have cut themselves off from other territories until the arrival of Jaenelle Angelline, Dreams Made Flesh or Witch. Jaenelle learned to travel the Winds as a child and visited the Dea al Mon, becoming an adopted daughter of the matriarch of the clan, Grandmammy Teele. This made Jaenelle not only Saetan's adopted daughter and kin, but also kin to Titian, Queen of the Harpies, her daughter Surreal SaDiablo, Gabrielle, a Black Widow Queen and Healer, as well as the Warlord Prince Chaosti.

Surreal was orphaned at an early age when Titian was murdered, so she had never met any of her kin of the Dea al Mon until she conceded to sign a contract with Jaenelle's brother Lucivar in order to move to Kaeleer.


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