Deje runs the classiest Red Moon House in Chaillot. Her house is described as being a "mansion" and it is said to cater to all a man's pleasures, not just the carnal ones; besides a staff of prositutes, there is also a high-quality restaurant, library, billiards room, etc.

Deje is described as being ambitious by Surreal SaDiablo , the "best payed whore in Terreille ", who is a friend of hers. Due to context in the book, one can assume that Deje helped in Surreal's bedroom education, and it is heavily implied that Deje herself was once a high-class whore, before she chose to take gifts from her better-paying clients and set up her own Red Moon House, ceasing to "play the bed", as Surreal describes it. She also shelters Surreal and Daemon Sadi after Deamon's mind first shatters.

Of the clients of Deje's brothel, only one is discussed at any length; Prince Philip Alexander, Jaenelle's and Wilhelminna's father and Leland Benedict's lover, who often visited in order to vent his frustration at the lack of intimacy between himself and Leland.