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Queen of the Darkness[]

Della is first introduced in Queen of the Darkness when her village in Glacia is taken over as a trap for Prince Morton and LadyKarla. Set into play by their Uncle Hobart as a play for ruling the territory, Morton transitions to demon-dead after being attacked by a mercenary Eyrien while Karla is badly poisoned by a witch of her Third Circle named Ulka.

Kaelas, while taking his kitten son KaeAskavi out on patrol in the woods on the border of Arceria and Glacia, comes across the takeover of the village. Both Arcerian cats are able to rescue the girl from harm, bringing her back into their den. Prince Lucivar Yaslana and Prince Daemon Sadi both check up on her after the battle is complete and determine it is best to leave her there until until she feels safe enough to be around humans once more.

It is mentioned that Della is ten-years old with blue eyes and fair har.

Twilight's Dawn[]

Della is mentioned in Twilight's Dawn, in the short story "Winsol Gifts".

Lady Karla has been summoned to the Hall by Jaenelle, to have a second opinion on the healing process of Prince Rainier. While talking when Prince Daemon Sadi about what is happening in Glacia, she mentions how Della and her Master-of-the-Guard, Prince Hagen have a tendency to forget rules while she is away.

It is referenced that Karla and Hagen have adopted Della and are attempting to raise her together.