Dorothea SaDiablo
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Hayll, Terreille


25 AW

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Dorothea SaDiablo was a Hayllian Red-Jeweled Black Widow Priestess who rose to become the High Priestess of Hayll and the dominant power of most of the Realm of Terreille. She was the one of the main antagonists (the other being Hekatah) of the main trilogy and the main antagonist of The Invisible Ring. She wasn't SaDiablo by blood but acquired the name from her husband Lanzo.

Dorothea wanted to rule, but the males of the Blood don't yield to a Priestess like they yield to a Queen. Dorothea created the Ring of Obedience to enslave males. Her corrupt views eventually spread to almost the whole Realm of Terreille. Her reign of terror didn't end until Jaenelle Angelline released a witch storm in all three Realms to wipe out all the corrupt Blood - and Dorothea with them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dorothea was a fully trained Black Widow and Priestess, supported by the power of her Red Jewels. Her Birthright Jewels were unknown. By the time of Jaenelle Angelline's birth, Dorothea believed that her Red Jewel marked her as stronger than any Queen, Black Widow or Priestess in the entire Realm of Terreille: however, she apparently was unaware of Cassandra, a Black-Jeweled Queen living near Chaillot and did not seem to consider the Gray-Jeweled witch Surreal SaDiablo as a threat due to her not belonging to one of the three highest castes, or did not know of her true Jewels, as Surreal used to hide them while working, either pretending to wear the Green or no jewel at all.