Dujae was a painter who died before his time. He made the transition to demon-dead and continued paintin. In Heir to the Shadows Dujae seeks an audience with the High Lord and asks to be released to become a whisper in the Darkness since he has nothing left to paint. Then Karla barks into the room, complaining about the coven's current art teacher. Dujae's passion for painting takes over and he briefly instructs Karla, and the young woman asks why he cannot teach the whole coven. At first Dujae refuses, but when Saetan tells him to tell the coven why he cannot reach them he aggrees.

In Queen of the Darkness Dujae is one of the demon-dead to maintain the tangled web Jaenelle Angelline made in order to protect the good side of the Blood from the witch storm she was about to release. His last painting was of Jaenelle and it could be found in the Keep from the room where the other portraits of the previous Dreams Made Flesh were.