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Biographical information

Ebon Rih, Kaeleer

Physical description

Kindred wolf



Eye color


Hierarchical information
Birthright Jewel

Purple Dusk


Graysfang was a young kindred wolf who wore Birthright Purple Dusk Jewels. He was a companion and friend to Surreal SaDiablo.


Early life[]

When kindred are born, it is said that they are taken before a respected kindred Black Widow who uses her ability to see visions to look into the young ones future. Sometimes they see nothing, and other times they receive a vision which influences the naming of the young one. It has been suggested that Graysfang was named as such by a wolf Black Widow who foresaw his future as an extended part and weapon of Surreal SaDiablo- a powerful Gray-Jeweled witch.

Queen of the Darkness[]

Whilst living at SaDiablo Hall, Graysfang sensed Surreal SaDiablo's arrival and immediately made her his "special person". Graysfang accompanied Surreal for the entirety of her stay at SaDiablo Hall, often even sleeping in her quarters.

Later, Graysfang sensed his friend Dejaal being attacked. Graysfang rushed to aid the young kindred tiger, however, he arrived to late to save his friend. Surreal managed to shield Graysfang with her Gray strength in order to protect him from the attacker Osvald's Opal blasts.

When the time came for Witch to unleash her Ebony Jewels, Graysfang followed Surreal to Hayll, when the Gray-Jewelled witch launched a rescue mission to save Saetan SaDiablo. Graysfang saved Surreal from a guard during her escape from the war camp, proving his nature as Gray's fang.

Twilight's Dawn[]

Due to Surreal's preference for living in the city of Amdarh, Graysfang joined Tassle's pack of wolves living in Ebon Rih.

When Surreal's mind descended into the abyss due to the "poison in her heart", Graysfang waited by her unconscious bodies side, howling and waiting for her Self to return.