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Vital Statistics
Jaenelle Saetien SaDiablo (previously)

Saetien SaDiablo (currently)

Saeti (her Scelti name, named by Shelby)
Half-Hayllian, Quarter-Dhemlan and Quarter-Dea al Mon
Twilight's Dawn (lost) Purple Dusk (current)
*Surreal SaDiablo (Mother)

Jaenelle Saetien SaDiablo appears in "The High Lord's Daughter" a short story in Twilight's Dawn, and in the novels The Queen's Bargain and The Queen's Weapons, which revisit the realm of Kaeleer and the SaDiablo family in the centuries after her birthright ceremony. She is the daughter of Lady Surreal SaDiablo and Prince Daemon Sadi. Surreal named her daughter in honor of Jaenelle Angelline and Saetan SaDiablo, the former High Lord of Hell. At the end of The Queen's Weapons, she drops her first name to go by Saetien and begin a new chapter of her life, unburdened by the expectations attached to the name Jaenelle.

Jaenelle Saetien has been revealed to be only a witch, but she might be a Black Widow due to Tersa calling her "Sister". Daemon and Surreal are not disappointed with this since Daemon didn't want his daughter to be a Queen in the first place. He said that the Queens are important to the land but he never wanted to bring the burden of ruling onto his daughter.

Like Jaenelle Angelline, Jaenelle Saetien has made friends with many of the Kindred - including a Green-Jeweled Arcerian Warlord Prince named Kaele, who is a direct descendant of Kaelas, and Scelties Morghann and Khary. At the end of The Queen`s Weapons, she has become the special person of a new kindred puppy Shelby, who calls her 'My Saeti'.

Jaenelle Saetien shares the same birthday as her namesake, and on her Birthright ceremony she was gifted with a Twilight's Dawn Jewel. She is later broken back to Purple Dusk, with the chance to make her Offering to Darkness later in her life if she returns to the Old Ways of the Blood and makes amends for her actions.

After her Birthright Ceremony and receiving Special Jewel, Jaenelle Saetien's attitude changes. She becomes more entitled and her love for Protocol and rules (as shown during the birthright ceremony) disappears, being replaced by disregard to any restraints and rules all other family members follow, as she feels that she is 'Special'. This hurts her relationships with Mikal, and her cousins Titian and Daemonar, as well as putting a strain on her relationship with her parents, who are dealing with trouble in their marriage.

In subsequent years, Jaenelle Saetien becomes more and more distant to her family, feeling rebellious and angry with a constant comparison with Jaenelle Angelline. She resents her namesake for being "first" in everything such as riding the waterfalls with Lucivar or enjoying drawings. This yearning to be special on her own, being someone amongst the aristos, pushes her to join the Coven of Malice during her studies at the art school for aristos. Her association with Delora and her pawns, taking part in actions of the coven, distance her even more from her parents and cousins, and the potential she had before her Birthright ceremony and the choices she later made.

Her actions almost cost another young queen her power, when Delora decided that in order to get rid of a strong Queen, Zoey, that would stand in the way of Delora becoming next Dorothea, she had to be broken. She manipulated Jaenelle Saetien to throw a party at the Hall and later to got her to break the promise she made her father in front of the witnesses.

When the actions of the coven of Malice were uncovered and Queens of Dhemlan were notified, all of them demanded an execution to all the members who took part in breaking and murdering strong witches, including Jaenelle Saetien. Daemon, who couldn't kill his own daughter, ask the Witch, to help him. She did and in the process of the punishment that all members who took part, payed the debt of their actions. Jaenelle Saetien lost her power and her Jewel, and was left with Purple Dusk. In conversation with the Witch, she learned that she lost her chance of getting Grey Jewel during the Offering.

Jaenelle Saetien, with lesser power, banned from multiple districts, including Askavi, changed her name to Saetien and was placed in the house for the broken witches, that Surreal established. There, she had the opportunity to start fresh, learning how to use her power again, and still paying the debts she owned.

Witch Incarnations; Dreams Made Flesh[]

When Daemon meets The Lady of the Misty Place after Jaenelle Saetien's Birthright ceremony, Jaenelle tells Daemon that she had never truly left him. She also explains that had Daemon married another he might have had children but that without Surreal he would have never had Jaenelle Saetien who is the daughter of their heart and soul, their own Dreams Made Flesh: "Like Jaenelle Angelline, but not." While still among the living, Jaenelle Angelline had weaved a tangled web that made this Dream real by adding her own dream: the wish that Daemon and Surreal would have their child they both wanted.