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Jewels are the outward representation of the power wielded by members of the Blood. They range from White to Black, with the darker Jewels being more powerful. Opal is considered the dividing line between the light and dark Jewels as it can be either.

The Jewels act as a container for the reservoir of power possessed by the Blood, whose bodies cannot maintain holding their full strength at all times. Not all members of the Blood possess enough psychic power to wear the Jewels, however, they are still capable of basic Craft.

Clear Jewels exist, but do not have a place in the ranks. These Jewels act as beacons for those who ride the Winds, and as such are placed in landing webs. This is the only use that has ever been found for them.

Jewel ranks[]

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Tiger Eye
  • Rose
  • Summer-sky
  • Purple Dusk
  • Opal
  • Green
  • Sapphire
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Ebon-gray
  • Black

Opal is the dividing line between the light and dark jewels because it can be either. The darker form of an Opal Jewel is known as the Blood Opal.

Special ranks[]

  • Ebony: The darkest Jewel in the history of the Blood, acquired by Jaenelle Angelline during the Offering to the Darkness. Six of Jaenelle's thirteen Birthright Black Jewels were transformed to Ebony during the Offering.
  • Twilight's Dawn: A unique Jewel and originaly the only of its kind. It was a response to Jaenelle's wish for an "extraordinary ordinary" life. It feels mostly like a Rose Jewel, but the feeling, as well as its appearance, changes with the amount of power currently needed. At the darkest it is described to be red with "few strands of Gray, Ebon-gray and Black power". In Bishop's most recent novel "Twilight's Dawn" the jewel is acquired by Jaenelle Saetien - the daughter of Daemon Sadi and Surreal SaDiablo - in her Birthright Ceremony. The jewel this time was - according to Witch - a response to both Daemon and Surreal's wish for a daughter "Like Jaenelle Angelline but not the same."


Not all the Blood are strong enough to receive Jewels, but those who are acquire them during the Birthright Ceremony. A person receives their second Jewel when making the Offering to the Darkness, allowing them to descend to their mature strength. The new Jewel may be up to three ranks darker than the original.

Even a person with no Birthright Jewel may receive a Jewel during the Offering, although in that case they are unlikely to descend further than the Yellow.[1] It is also possible for emotional trauma or other traumatic experiences preventing a person from descending to their full potential strength. As the Offering can only be made once, it is thus impossible for such a person to ever possess the entirety of the power they were capable of wielding.

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