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KaeAskavi means "White Mountain" in Old Tongue; he is named by Jaenelle Angelline.

KaeAskavi is a kindred Arcerian cat, sired by Prince Kaelas.

It is mentioned that KaeAskavi is a Warlord Prince, and also is a young kitten, weighing more than 400 pounds.

Queen of the Darkness[]

KaeAskavi is first mentioned in Queen, hunting with his father Kaelas, when he hears the screams of his friend, a human girl named Della. KaeAskavi rescues Della from an Eyrien attack on her village that killed her mother.

KaeAskavi takes her back to his mother's den and guards her until she feels safe enough to be around humans once more.

Twilight's Dawn[]

In "Winsol Gifts", KaeAskavi is mentioned in a conversation between Daemon Sadi and Lady Karla. The Arcerian cat still looks after Della, even after adopted by Karla and her Master-of-the-Guard, Prince Hagen.

He prefers the country house instead of the house in Sidra as it frustrates him not being able to eat prey (humans).