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Kalush was the Territory Queen of Nharkhava and the wife of the Warlord Prince Aaron. She was a member of Jaenelle Angelline's coven and served in the First Circle of the Dark Court. She and Aaron had one daughter, Arianna.


Kalush was one of the young friends Jaenelle Angelline made as a child whilst instinctively jumping the Winds and wandering the Realm of Kaeleer.

Like the rest of Jaenelle's friends, Kalush did not hear from the other young girl for several years following a brutal rape that resulted in Jaenelle descending into the abyss and leaving her body behind. When Jaenelle returned to her body, her guardian Saetan SaDiablo eventually succeeded in convincing her to reach out to her old friends.

Kalush spent the summer at SaDiablo Hall and became a member of Jaenelle's closest group of friends and a member of her coven. Kalush eventually fell in love with, and married, the Warlord Prince Aaron from Dharo.

After making the Offering to the Darkness, Nharkhava's Territory Queen abdicated her throne in favour of Kalush, who was now the strongest Queen in the Territory. Kalush named her husband Aaron as her Consort and installed him as the ruling Warlord Prince of Tajrana.

When Jaenelle set up her court as the Queen of Ebon Askavi, she named Kalush and the rest of her childhood friends as members of her First Circle. Kalush and the rest of the coven, all of them being Territory Queens, also made the unprecedented move of ceding their Territories to Jaenelle, making her the de facto Queen of the entire Realm.

After being named to the First Circle, Kalush and Aaron became the first of their friends to welcome a child, Arianna.