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Scelt, Terreille

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Kindred Sceltie



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Birthright Jewel

Tiger Eye

  • Shalador Nehele Territory court

Khollie was a young kindred Sceltie Warlord who wore Birthright Tiger Eye. He was the Sceltie companion to the Shaladoran Warlord Prince Ranon.


Early life[]

Khollie was born in Scelt and was trained in Craft and how to interact with humans at the school founded by Jaenelle Angelline and Ladvarian. He was also the younger brother to the Opal-Jeweled Warlord Prince Darkmist.

Shalador's Lady[]

Khollie arrived with Ladvarian and the other Scelties in Eyota and immediately made Ranon his "special person". He was described as shaggy and dappled in every colour. Ranon felt slightly embarrassed that he was chosen by Khollie, the least of the Sceltie to come to Shalador Nehele.

During his stay in Eyota, Khollie was almost kindnapped by Laska, a member of Kermilla's First Circle. Laska was told to bring Kermilla a Sceltie because she always wanted to keep one as a pet due to the social importance it implicated to be chosen by one of the kindred. However Laska was stopped by Vae and the other Scelties, before being killed by Khollie's brother Darkmist.

Khollie almost died due to the injuries he suffered. Although, Shira was able to heal the Sceltie's external injuries, Khollie's Self retreated into the abyss due to the trauma he suffered. Ranon and Shira brought Khollie's seemingly lifeless body to bed with them hoping that being with them would coax him out of the abyss. That night, Khollie ascended out of the abyss and Ranon deeply regretted ever feeling embarrassed about the Sceltie.

After his recovery, Khollie continued to live at the Queen's Residence with Shira and Ranon, slowly regaining his former confidence and trust in humans.