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Kindred are non-human Blood, and include everything from spiders, horses, and wolves to at least one breed of dogs (Sceltie), great cats (Arcerian), and 'fantastic' creatures thought to be legend in the realms such as dragons and unicorns.

Kindred follow the same castes as the rest of the Blood and may be non-Jeweled blood as well.

Many of the kindred served in Jaenelle Angelline's Dark Court, most notably Ladvarian, a Red-Jeweled Sceltie Warlord and Kaelas, a Arcerian Red-Jeweled Warlord Prince.

In Kaeleer, a number of Territories are ruled by (and mostly or entirely inhabited by) the Kindred. These include Sceval, Arceria and Arachna. Kindred Territories have been so called "closed Territories" for centuries before the events of Heir to the Shadows.

In addition, there had also been Kindred in the realm of Terreille, which were mostly obliterated centuries before the events of the books. In Daughter of the Blood, there is one Kindred stallion: Dark Dancer, who makes the transition to demon-dead and helps Daemon get to the tree in time to hide so he was able to safely remove his Ring of Obedience.

Notable Kindred[]