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Landens were the non-Blood members of a race. They cannot use Craft.

The landens appear to come from the same basic races as the Blood, though the novels have only ever shown them as humans. They often live in landen-only settlements nestled amongst Blood villages and towns, etc., and under a Queen's rule. Many are artisans or craftspeople and appear to live meager or moderately well-to-do lives.


In terms of culture, there is next to no information on their beliefs. It is unclear whether the landens believe in the Darkness, Witch, etc., or if they have gods or mythologies of their own.

Their surnames do offer some window into their beliefs and lives, however, as many sport trade-related surnames like Potter, Carpenter, etc. They are also clearly aware of the beliefs of the Blood, given interactions with them in The Invisible Ring.

The Jeweled Elephant in the Room: Blood, Landens and Hypocrisy[]

The lives of landens are little illuminated and not easy. In a world where murder is legal and their minds can be burned to ash with a thought landen existence is frequently "nasty, brutish and short." Among even compassionate Blood the landens are looked down upon, ignored or brutalized. For example, during the siege of Agio in Heir to the Shadows, Lucivar curses them privately as merely troublesome and desires never to see them again. The Warlord Randahl notes the Blood in Agio are only there for the land and perhaps to aid a few Half-Blood youths, not for the landens. In the novel Tangled Webs, Marian refers to landen children who believe Blood live in virtual haunted houses as "maggot-brained beasts."

Though she ulltimately aids them, Surreal openly threatens landen children in Tangled well. Kartane preys heavily upon helpless landen girls in Daughter of the Blood, in part because they are utterly at his mercy. Furthermore, efforts are made to, in the midst of an attempt to entertain landens and Blood alike with a spooky house in Tangled Webs, instill fear in landens so that they ultimately never feel safe amongst the Blood. Though meant to protect them this appears counterproductive to ever improving relations between the races. Rather than living in understanding landens are meant to live in some form of fear.

This also highlights a certain amount of hypocrisy even amongst the very best of the Blood. With the exception of the territory of Queen Cassidy in Terreille, landens are rarely made to feel welcome or even tolerated Even Witch herself appears to offer no consideration to landens beyond offering them a place only if they are Half-Blood or have the potential to fully become Blood. It is ironic that Jaenelle, whose greatest sorrow was feeling so distanced from others--"kindred but not kind"--does not offer the same consideration to others, especially those who are most vulnerable to the predations of the Blood. As a ruler of an entire realm of Blood and landen she never once appears during her reign to make an effort on their part, openly neglecting a swath of the population.

Regarding Half-Blood children, though they are taught what magic they can perform the weakest of these nigh-Blood are nonetheless housed in sad orphanages even within Kaeleer, according to Tangled Webs. Half-Bloods are also explicitly victims of bigotry from both landen and Blood, and landens for their part do little to learn more of the Blood's ways and quell superstition.

In spite of their explicitly defined role as caretakers of the land, most Blood appear content--as noted above--to ignore the landens who also make up their Territories' populations or outright discriminate against them. It is worth considering that as soon as Witch cleansed the Realms in Queen of the Darkness, the first thing many landens did was rise up against the remaining "good" Blood who they saw as their oppressors. There is also no consideration given as to whether the landens wish to be ruled by the Blood in a might makes right world, and the staunch attitude of even the kindest Blood maintaining a sense of being different from and ultimately superior to the landen population is telling. As it is, living in Blood residences with extremely dark power would literally be hazardous to the health of a landen, as noted in Tangled Webs.

Landens for their part, as mentioned above, hold superstitions and unfair prejudices as well. They consider the Blood virtual horror movie monsters who live in frightening castles though the Blood may desire only wariness. They also resent Half-Bloods and drive many away or into becoming petty and unwanted overlords despised by Blood and landen equally. They appear unwilling to make inroads with the Blood and rarely trade with them. They also kill them if they are able to do so, such as the wars after the cleansing of the Realms. Though they do not appear to envy the power of the Blood they do openly resent them and do often prove stubborn to attempts to mend fences. The stalemate appears unlikely to change outside of Territories like Shalador Nehele, where Blood and Landen are more integrated.