Vital Statistics
Guardian of Ebon Askavi
Prince of the Dragons

Lorn, sometimes called the Prince of the Dragons or the Guardian of Ebon Askavi, was a dragon who ruled in the time before the Blood. Mated to Draca, Queen of the Dragons, Lorn was both powerful and enigmatic, and was respected by the few people who did knew of his existence.

History Edit

Ancient History Edit

In the ages before the rise of the Blood, dragons ruled the land, and among them was Lorn. Considered the Prince of the Dragons, he was mated to Draca, the Queen of the Dragons.

But when the time of the dragons was over, Draca giave the primordial Blood their Jewels, allowing them to rise and take the dragons' place. While most of historical records of this mentioned Lorn, few mentioned Draca by name so she disappeared into ambiguity. In truth, he settled in Ebon Askavi, and made it his lair. There, he resided for ages to come, waiting for the day that he would be useful once again.

The Rise of Witch Edit

Personality and Traits Edit

Being a dragon, Lorn was a serpent-like in appearance, with a multitude of scales, a pair of powerful wings and an elongated body. He was also described as massive, his eyes alone surpassing Ladvarian in size. But he was also beautiful in a sense, for his silvery-gold scales carried a sort of iridescent fire, which from afar, could be mistaken as uncut Jewels. His eyes were said to be the same color as midnight.

Lorn rarely spoke, but when he did, his words were highly regarded by those who knew of him. Few challenged his authority, and when he suggested something, it was usually carried out. His voice was quiet, deep and thundering all at the same time, and according to Saetan SaDiablo, it also sounded ancient and powerful, though he shared his queen's tendency to roll his s-sounds whilst speaking.

Despite his advanced age and reserved nature, Lorn was easily irritated. After he told Saetan SaDiablo he was his son just as Jaenelle Angelline was the daughter of Saetan's soul, Jaenelle asked if that made Lorn her grandfather. Lorn simply said no, and when Jaenelle further implored the subject, she and Saetan were blasted by a gust of dry air. He then insisted that he wasn't Lucivar Yaslana's great-grandfather, when the latter addressed him as such.