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Askavi, Terreille


2,200 BW


25 AW

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Luthvian was a Red-Jeweled Black Widow Healer and Lucivar Yaslana's mother. She was not pure Eyrien, for she was born without wings, a physical attribute that separated Eyriens from Dhemlans and Hayllians. She could trace her bloodline back to Ravenar, Andulvar Yaslana and Hekatah SaDiablo's son. Luthvian was one of the few Eyrien women who did not possess wings; women such as her were throwbacks to Hayllian or Dhemlan females who'd mated with Eyrien males.

She was prone to violent mood swings, but she was considered a good Healer. Because her father was an Eyrien (it was implied that he was a typical Eyrien, a brute), she despised Eyrien males and did not want Lucivar to grow up in the hunting camps and become a warrior.


Early Life[]

Saetan SaDiablo agreed to see Luthvian through her Virgin Night at Tersa's request. She lied about drinking her contraceptive brew and became pregnant. She gave birth to a small Eyrien boy, Lucivar. She had wanted to cut off his wings, but Saetan threatened her that he would slice open the boy's throat if she harmed his wings in any way. Scared, Luthvian entrusted her son to Prythian, Askavi's High Priestess, who later made Lucivar a pleasure slave.

During Heir to the Shadows Luthvian resided in Kaeleer and served as a Healer and taught the young Healers in the nearby village. When Lucivar came to serve Jaenelle Angelline in Kaeleer Luthvian met with her son, though they remained on cold but civil terms.

When Jaenelle brought Marian to Kaeleer she first resided in Luthvian's house. The Healer neither liked nor approved of the Eyrien hearth-witch, even less so when she became Lucivar's housekeeper. Luthvian didn't see Marian as a worthy wife for the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih who could trace his blood to Andulvar Yaslana.


In Queen of the Darkness Lucivar instructed Luthvian to move to the safety of the Hall. She was delayed and got into a fight with Hekatah SaDiablo, who wounded her mortally and drank her blood. Luthvian made the transition to demon-dead but there wasn't enough power in her Jewels to keep the body together. She concentrated all that was left of her power just behind her first inner barriers. When Lucivar found her dead body and forced her inner barriers open he found out that Luthvian had always cared for her son and wished that he lived a happy life with Marian. After the last message was delivered Luthvian became a whisper in the Darkness.