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The Offering to the Darkness is a special ceremony in the lives of every member of the Blood. The first offering made to the darkness occurs on the day of a child's Birthright Ceremony, the second when they are old enough to accept the full extent of their power and join Blood Society as an adult.

Birthright Ceremony[]

During a Birthright Ceremony the mother decides whether or not a father will be allowed to claim paternity. If so, the father is allowed to be a part of the child's life. If not, he is forced away and not allowed any say in the matter as was the case with Saetan SaDiablo with his son Daemon Sadi . The other most important part of the ceremony is the collection of a child's Birthright Jewels, though it is possible to receive none at all. During this time the child--with their sponsor--will go back to an Altar to the Darkness and receive a jewel based on the amount of power they are capable of wielding.


The second ceremony occurs some years later when the child is ready to make another Offering to the Darkness. Every Jewel has the possibility of descending in darkness by three levels. For example Opal can descend to Red, and Red has the possibility of descending to Black though this is not always the case; for example, Lucivar Yaslana's Birthright Jewel is Red while his Offering to the Darkness granted him Ebon Gray. During the offering the wielder may or may not receive a darker jewel. Jared Blaed Greyhaven was not emotionally mature enough to handle his deeper strength when he made his Offering, and as a result, was granted a Purple Dusk Jewel only a little darker than his Birthright Purple Dusk Jewel.