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A Queen is the highest ranking caste in the Realms, and as such it is also the rarest.

Queens and their courts[]

Queens are protected and honored, and the bond between a Queen and the land is essential for the continued health and well being of said land. All Blood males feel the call to bond with a strong Queen but none so strongly as Warlord Princes who need this bond or they are considered dangerous and lethal.


A Court forms around a Queen, and is the ruling body of the two living Realms. Considered precious, a Queen is also generally protected with the life of any male serving her. While not only Queens can hold Courts, they are the only ones traditionally allowed to rule, especially Territories

A Queen's court is comprised of circles that radiate out from her as the center. The closest circle is that of the First Circle. Among the first circle are the three males of the Queen's Triangle. If a Queen has no one else the Triangle is still essential on some levels as it provides a buffer of protection. The Triangle is comprised of the Consort/First Escort , Steward , and Master of the Guard

Organization of Queens[]

Ruling Queens of Note in Canon[]