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Rainier was the Opal-Jeweled Warlord Prince from Dharo and the primary dance instructor for the Coven. Often a companion to Surreal SaDiablo, Ranier resides in Amdarh - the capital of Dhemlan. Ranier stands in the Second Circle of the Dark Court.


His entire life revolves around his ability to dance and it is noted time and again that his skill is exceptional, matched only by Daemon and Jaenelle, both of whom he dances with.


It is noted frequently that Ranier is not heterosexual despite his close relationship with Surreal. A naturally happy and teasing personality, Ranier has been known on occasion to flirt with other males around him including Daemon Sadi who he remarks he would gladly submit too.

Tangled Webs[]

With Surreal, Ranier plays a leading role in the novel Tangled Webs. Along with a group of children he and Surreal become trapped in a Spooky House which they believed to have been designed by Jaenelle. In an attempt to protect and save Surreal and the children Ranier is horribly injured in the leg. The injury is noted to have sliced through all the muscles of his leg as well as half of the bone. Only thanks to Jaenelle's skill as a Healer is the Prince able to stand and walk again... though Dancing becomes another problem later discussed in Twilight's Dawn.

Twilight's Dawn[]

In "Winsol" and "Shades of Honor" the first and second short stories of the novel much of the narrative follows Ranier and Surreal as the pair attempt to recover from their injuries recieved at the Spooky House. Unlike Surreal who has done as her Healer asks in order to properly Heal, Ranier is overcome with bitterness at the loss of mobility in his leg. He shuts out much of the world around him and continues to attempt to use his leg, convinced that he will never again dance.

It is only in Shades of Honor, when an out of control spar with Falonar, an Eyrien Warlord Prince, ends in a rebreak of his leg does he realize that he has finally lost the last possible chance to heal enough to dance, though Jaenelle had assured him in the beginning that if he took care of it there would be little he could not do.

After significant time with Lucivar, Ranier accepts the damage to his leg and is able to heal his mind and spirit eventually taking on the task of Daemon's secretary.