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The Ring of Honor is the counterpart of the Ring of Obedience; a literal ring used by the men (on their penis) and women and Kindred (used as regular rings) of the First Circle of Jaenelle's Dark Court.


While physically the same as the Ring of Obedience, the Ring of Honor worked in a very different manner. Created by Jaenelle for Lucivar as proof of his servitude to her. When Jaenelle made the first of there Rings, a mistake in it's construction allowed Lucivar to sense Jaenelle's mood swings as well as her feelings like fear, anger, etc while the original idea was to transmit a warning through negative feelings.

The later Rings for the males of the First Circle were corrected of this mistake. During the initial problems between Terreille and Kaeleer Karla, the Queen of Glacia asked Jaenelle for an extra set of Rings for the Coven as these were weaved with special Ebony protection shields and all Rings created a connection web between the entire First Circle in order to aid each other in danger.

Even after Jaenelle lost her Ebony Jewels, it was discovered that the Rings still maintained it's functions and the Ebony protection shields.