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The Runs are canyons in the Realms that are often used by Eyriens during training and challenges. They very in difficulty and skill requirement.


Like the Gates the Runs exist in all three Realms, however unlike the Gates, the Runs only exist in the Territory of Askavi. The Realms the runs exist in factor into the difficulty of the canyon itself. A run that exists in Kaeeler may not be as difficult as the same run that exists in Hell.

Notable Runs[]

The Blood Run[]

The Blood run is the first of the two most notable runs. Though it is still a test of both physical and mental strength the Blood Run is known for holding threads of the lighter Winds, from White to Opal.

Daughter of the Blood[]

In the novel Jaenelle at the age of about 8 admits to Saetan that she has indeed already flown the Blood Run even before she recieved formal flight lessons. (Despite the fact that unlike the Eyriens, she does not have wings)

The Khaldharon Run[]

Of all the Runs, the Khaldharon is by far the most difficult. Existing in all three realms the Khaldharon is meant to be tried by only the best and most seasoned warriors as it is highly dangerous and often lethal if the flyer does not understand the layout or the sporadic movement of the Winds.

Daughter of the Blood[]

Like the Blood Run Jaenelle admits to having flown the Khaldharon run at age 8. However, she is less willing to admit it and tries to calm Saetan by saying that she only tried the one located in Hell. Unbeknownst to the young Queen, Hell's version of The Khaldharon Run is the most difficult, dangerous, and deadly of all.