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The SaDiablo Hall is a residence built by Saetan SaDiablo in all three Realms, Kaeleer , Terreille, and Hell . The Hall appears to be in the same place in the three realms simultaneously but in fact there are merely three versions of the same home.

The Three Halls[]

Saetan's intent in building the Hall was different for the three places. In Kaeleer and Terreille the Hall is a family home and the epicenter of SaDiablo power. It is where members of the family as well as their friends and guests are free to come and conduct business or otherwise simply stay.


By the time of Daughter of the Blood, the Hall in Terreille had been mostly reduced to ruins after Saetan had exiled himself and went to Hell thousands of years earlier. Abandoned by all, the Hall here was likely left in this state due to plundering and ransacking and the effects of time itself.


The Hall in Kaeleer becomes Saetan and Jaenelle's home after she is taken from her parents and home town. It also becomes a housing place for the entire Coven and the Boyos on various ocasions during their childhood and later during the formation of the Dark Court. After the destruction of Dorothea and Hekatah, Saetan retires as the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan and goes to live in the Keep as a librarian and leaves the Hall in the hands of his son Daemon.


In Hell the Hall is a home dedicated to the demon dead who wish to complete unfinished business before they become simply a whisper in the darkness. Saetan created it with the intention of offering them a safe place to live while they follow dreams of becoming artists, musicians, and authors. It is also the first place to have a significant number of Cildru Dyathe - or demon dead children- outside the Cildru Dyathe Island.