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The Steward is one side of the Queen's Triangle and one of the high ranking positions in a court.


Along side the Consort and the Master of the Guard, the Steward is one of the three closest males to the Queen in her court. The station is given to the male at the discression of his Queen though like any other position it can be denied.


The duties of the Steward include the keeping and political well being of the Queen. The male will help the Queen attend to matters of her court including its organization and flow. In addition the Steward often acts as council to his Queen. Often times the position is held by an older male that the Queen trusts implicitly.

The Dark Court[]

Jaenelle Angelline appointed her adopted father Saetan SaDiablo as the Steward of her court. Already very involved in the day to day actions of her unofficial court, the High Lord accepted the position and remained her Steward untill the fall of the Dark Court.