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Biographical information

Dhemlan Kaeleer

  • c. 37 AW (Physical death)
  • c.100 AW (Final death)
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Family members
Physical description

Dhemlan (Demon-dead)



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Hierarchical information
Birthright Jewel
  • Summer-sky
  • Purple Dusk

Sylvia was the Purple Dusk-Jeweled District Queen of Halaway in the Territory of Dhemlan Kaeleer. She was the mother of Beron and Mikal.


Sylvia was the pride of Halaway, being the first Queen born in the village since her great-grandmother. Eventually, Sylvia became the Queen of Halaway and had two children, Beron and Mikal, with two different Consorts.

Beron eventually struck up a friendship with Jaenelle Angelline at school. Sylvia also became acquainted with Jaenelle and her adoptive father, Prince Saetan SaDiablo. At Saetan's request Sylvia spent time with Jaenelle, taking her on shopping trips and helping her choose an eclectic wardrobe.

After Jaenelle became the Queen of Ebon Askavi, Sylvia and Saetan's relationship evolved from playful flirting into a full-blown love affair. Eventually, Sylvia asked Saetan to marry her, however, he declined due to his nature as a Guardian, one of the living-dead.

After Jaenelle unleashed the strength of her Ebony Jewels and destroyed the tainted Blood, Saetan retired from the living Realms and interaction between the pair was infrequent.

Twelve years later, Sylvia and her sons attended a party in a village near the border of Little Terreille. Whilst brooding that something was wrong, Sylvia was attacked by No Face. The Queen of Halaway managed to repel her attacker long enough to order Mikal's Sceltie protector Tildee to take the boy and flee, before being blasted with Jeweled power that destroyed her legs. No Face proceeded to stab in the abdomen and advance on Beron.

Although she died the physical death, Sylvia made the transition to demon-dead some hours later and caught the Winds to the Keep where Saetan allowed her body to be healed as much as possible before her dead flesh was no longer able to be repaired. Beron was saved by Jaenelle and Daemon Sadi, while No Face was destroyed by Tersa when he made another attempt to kidnap Mikal.

After she made the transition to demon-dead, Saetan and Sylvia finally married Saetan and cared for many cildru dyathe in the Dark Realm.