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A Territory Queen is a Queen who has been given control of one of the larger sections of the Realms. A Territory Queen is the supreme ruler of her respective Territory and these don't serve under no one else (Unless said Queen submits her Territory to another power).

Under a Territory Queen are the Province Queens then under these are the District Queens.

Territory Queens in the Novels[]


Karla- Glacia's Queen- was the first to break tradition by ceding rule of her Territory to Jaenelle Angelline during the Reign of the Dark Court . Karla was still the Ruling Queen but she served under Jaenelle like Province and District Queens served under her. She was immediatly followed by the other Territory Queens who make up the coven (as well as Saetan and Andulvar who rule Dhemlan and Askavi respectively), thus making her the de facto Queen and ruler of almost all of Kaeleer.

Dorothea (under the guidance of Hekatah), led a systematic campaign of corruption and murders across the Territories of Terreille in order to force these Territories to submit to Hayll, thus making her the rulling power of most of Terreille.