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""I am Tersa the Weaver, Tersa the Liar, Tersa the Fool. I was one of them once, Blood as they are Blood. No, that's not true. I wasn't Blood as they are Blood. That's why I was broken on a Warlord's spear and became shattered glass that only reflects what might have been." — Tersa

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Dhemlan, Terreille

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Tersa is a Black Widow who was broken on her Virgin Night and Daemon Sadi's mother. She willfully gave herself to the Twisted Kingdom in an effort to regain some of her lost Craft. Tersa was among the strongest witches of her time, and had she survived her Virgin Night, it was widely considered that Dorothea SaDiablo would never have become the force in Terreille that she ultimately did.

When Tersa lived in Terreille, Daemon (not knowing she was his mother) tried to get her decent accommodations. One of these apartments was loaned for Titian and her daughter, Surreal SaDiablo, but only if Tersa was accommodated whenever she was in that part of the Realm.

When Daemon was stuck in Twisted Kingdom during Heir to the Shadows, Tersa tried to hold her son's sanity together before Jaenelle Angelline was ready to remember him and bring him back. In Kaeleer Tersa lived in a small cottage and was always accompanied by a joyrneymaid Black Widow.

In Queen of the Darkness Tersa helped the Kindred to prepare for their task of keeping the Dream linked to the Flesh.