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Biographical information

Dea al Mon, Kaeleer

  • Centuries ago (Physical death)
  • c.25 AW (Final death)
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Family members
Physical description

Dea al Mon (Demon-dead)



Hair color


Eye color

Forest blue

Hierarchical information
Birthright Jewel

Green (Broken)


Titian was a broken Dea al Mon Black Widow Queen. She wore Birthright Green but was broken back to basic Craft after being raped by the Warlord Kartane SaDiablo. She became pregnant and gave birth to Surreal SaDiablo as a result.

When Surreal was still a young girl, Titian was murdered by the Hayllian assassin, Greer, but retained enough psychic power to make the transition to demon-dead. Following the transition, Titian became the Queen of the Harpies. She was a trusted friend of Jaenelle Angelline and Saetan SaDiablo. When Jaenelle unleashed the strength of her Jewels, Titian and the other demon-dead sacrificed themselves in order to act as a buffer that would separate the untainted Blood from those who had been corrupted by Dorothea and Hekatah SaDiablo.


Titian was a Dea al Mon witch in life. She died when Surreal was 12 and became the demon-dead queen of the Harpies.

Together, Surreal and Titian took vengance on Kartane SaDiablo by hanging him upside down from a tree, skinning him alive and allowing Titian's hell hounds to feed off him slowly. Titian and Surreal bathed in a stream nearby serenaded by Kartane's screams of terror.

Twilight's Dawn[]

Lucivar and Marian's daughter is eventually named in her honor.