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The Twisted Kingdom is the commonly used term for the place the mad or insane reside within themselves.


As a member of the Blood a person will have certain internal power that they must always be aware of, power that they must always protect. However, this is not always possible and when the power is vulnerable is has the possibility of breaking. If broken a witch or warlord can be thrown into the Twisted Kingdom.

Description and Layout[]

The Twisted Kingdom in many ways is specific to the person who has lost themselves in it. However, there is always a center- a place where the center of themselves resides- and a boundary. At this boundary it is possible- if the person is strong enough- to pull against the tides of the Twisted Kingdom and step back into reality. The pull of the kingdom however is often too great to break away from and will many times cause the lost to slip back into the grey sea.

Often described as a grey and broken place, Tersa- the most notable character lost to the Twisted Kingdom- describes it as grey and ghostly, a place in which she "...falls and falls among the shards of [herself]. The world splinters and shatters."


The shards to which Tersa often refers are shards of herself- of the almost tangable chalice of her power and soul. Because she is broken the pieces float about in her mind unable to become whole and she remains lost in the Twisted Kingdom.


  • Tersa - The mother of Daemon Sadi. Tersa once explains to the reader that while she initially fought the pull of the Twisted Kingdom after she was broken, she eventually realized that the only way to reclaim her Craft and power was to walk the Twisted Roads. "Everything has a price."
  • Daemon Sadi - After succeding in his attempt to save Jaenelle, Daemon slipped past the depth of his own power and shattered his chalice. Witch was able to piece it back together, however, for some time after he was left highly vulnerable and wandered the Twisted Kingdom.
  • Jaenelle Angelline - After her brutal rape as a child Jaenelle withdrew to within herself. Though Daemon was able to draw her back onto the web of power and convince Witch not to abandon the body she slipped away for almost two years.
  • Saetan SaDiablo - Though it is never explicitly stated, events make it clear that the High Lord too has roamed the roads of the Twisted Kingdom. Such events that pushed him towards the edge include the loss of his family, and Zuulaman .