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Scelt, Kaeleer

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Kindred Sceltie



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Birthright Jewel

Purple Dusk


Vae was a young Sceltie witch who wore Birthright Purple Dusk. She was a member of Lady Cassidy's First Circle.


Early life[]

Vae was born in Scelt and received a Purple Dusk-Jewel during her Birthright Ceremony. She was trained in Craft at the Sceltie school founded by Jaenelle Angelline and Ladvarian. Little is known of the Sceltie's who make up her family, other than that her mothers sister was Rhahn, a Green-Jeweled Queen.

The Shadow Queen[]

Vae accompanied Cassidy and Theran Grayhaven from Kaeleer to Dena Nehele. Part of Daemon Sadi's conditions for sending a Kaeleer Queen to Terreille included Vae accompanying her and overseeing the reports being sent back by Theran on the progression of the situation in Dena Nehele.

Vae served as a member of Cassidy's First Circle and often found herself herding the males serving in the court. She was also a part of Cassidy's protection detail, accompanying the Queen into Grayhaven under a sight shield, and bringing down a fully grown Warlord who got into an altercation with Cassidy on one occasion.

Personality and traits[]

Vae appeared to be snappy, cheeky and very bossy. She usually worried about Cassidy straining herself too much and usually reminded her to wear a hat. She usually referred to human males as "stubborn sheep". She liked to nip people who don't pay attention to what she said.

Vae was also shown to be a skilled warrior- she was able to pull a full-grown Warlord to the ground in a fight and was highly assured of her ability to use Craft.