The Virgin Night is a coming-of-age ceremony for young witches, and is literally as it states the night in which a Virgin is bedded for the first time. This ceremony determines a woman's ability to practice Craft as well as the integrity of her Jewels . A witch, prior ot her virgin night, is in greater danger to be broken through rape than after. However, once completing the virgin night she is not safe from being broken in the future, only less likely to be. 

In most cases an experienced Consort or close friend is asked to bed the witch so that she only has a broken membrane, not a broken mind, spirit, and/or Jewels. However, in some cases this night has been used to cause the mutilation and death of a witch either through the trauma to her body or mind through the shattering of her Jewels.

Cases in which a woman's Virgin Night caused danger include most notably Jaenelle Angelline who was brutally raped at Briarwood, and Surreal SaDiablo who was also raped on her Virgin Night but thanks to the depth of both women's Jewels they managed to come out intact.