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Wilhelmina Benedict
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Chaillot, Terreille


2 BW

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Purple Dusk




Wilhelmina is a Sapphire-Jeweled witch and Jaenelle Angelline's older sister. Like her sister she was fathered not by Robert Benedict as her surname would suggest but by his brother Phillip Alexander. However, Philip does not know that Wilhelmina is his child. Her Birthright Jewel is Purple Dusk.

Daughter of the Blood[]

Wilhelmina was the reason why Jaenelle didn't want to leave Chaillot. Jaenelle wanted to protect her sister so that she wouldn't be broken before making the Offering to the Darkness since she was strong enough to wear the Sapphire.

When Daemon Sadi released the power of his Black Jewels, Jaenelle instructed the women to ride the power instead of shielding against it. During the storm Wilhelmina acquired one of Jaenelles Sapphire Jewels to keep her safe since she had to leave.

Queen of the Darkness[]

At some point Wilhelmina ran away from Chaillot after Robert tried to bed her. She made her Offering to the Darkness and received her own Sapphire Jewel and Jaenelle's Jewel disappeared. Wilhelmina found her way to Kaeleer and signed a service contract with Lucivar Yaslana, the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih.

When Wilhelmina resided in the SaDiablo Hall in Kaeleer she befriended with a kindred tiger, Dejaal, son of Jaal. Soon after arriving, her grandmother, Alexandra Angelline, Leland and two Province Queens came to the Hall and insist that she return to Chaillot with them. When she refused to leave one of Alexandra's escort (who worked for Dorothea SaDiablo) sedated her and tried to abduct her. Dejaal defended her but got killed in the process. The kidnapper was made harmless and the Queen of Ebon Askavi exiled Alexandra and her court from Kaeleer.

Later Wilhelmina opted to live in Scelt.