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Witch is a being created by the wishes and dreams of the people in a time of great need. She is refered to as "Dreams made Flesh".


Witch is created by the dreams and wishes of the Blood woven into a special tangled web by the Arachnian spiders. As such her attributes vary with each different incarnation due to the number of dreams and their individual nature. Witch was always noted to possess Black Jewels (but not all Black Jeweled females were Witch as with Cassandra's case), until Draca explained to Daemon that not every Witch is a Black Jeweled Queen, that some Witches are quiet songs, though this line was broken with Jaenelle Saetien who wore the Twilight's Dawn. Witch does not become a demon-dead as seen when Jaenelle Angelline died she instead went to the Misty Place, becoming a "Song in the Darkness". The Keep of Ebon Askavi is said be Witch's lair and the Winsol days are celebrated in honor of her.

Witch incarnations[]

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Jaenelle Angelline was a Witch incarnation who was born from the dreams of thousands of Blood of different races (including the Kindred) from all three Realms who wanted the end of the corruption spread by Dorothea and Hekatah and to serve under a powerful and kind Queen. Due to this she is a triple-gifted Queen with powers that far surpass even other Black Jeweled Blood like Daemon and even other Witch incarnations. Her Birthright Jewel consisted of thirteen Black Jewels and one Jewel for each of the lighter colours. After performing the Offering to the Darkness six of the thirteen Black Jewels were turned into Ebony Jewels and she became the Queen of nearly all of Kaeleer. However the dream that composed Jaenelle was altered with the addition of her dream of not having so much power and after the purging Dorothea and Hekatah's taint from the Blood she received a unique, weaker Jewel called Twilight's Dawn. She is referred as "The Living Myth", due to the fact that she was created by the dream of both Blood and kindred.

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Jaenelle Saetien was a Witch incarnation who was created from a web initially woven by Jaenelle Angelline in life together with the dreams of Surreal and Daemon of finding love again after Jaenelle's death. Daemon and Surreal had a one-night stand which resulted in the birth of Jaenelle Saetien. Unlike Jaenelle Angelline she is not a Queen though Tersa seemed to imply she was a Black Widow. However she received Twilight's Dawn from Jaenelle Angelline as her Birthright Jewel.